Derick Dillard Reportedly Fired From 'Counting On'

In light of his transphobic rants against transgender teenager, Jazz Jennings, TLC’s Derick Dillard might be in some hot water, according to reports from OK! Magazine.

Earlier this month, Dillard took to social media to bully 16-year-old Jazz, saying her reality show on the network they share was an “oxymoron,” saying her “reality” follows a “non-reality.” He went on to say that “transgender is a myth” as “gender is not fluid, it’s ordained by God.”

While fans and advocates for the LGBT community shot back at Dillard, he tried to clarify his remarks, but instead made it worse by replying with the male pronoun, writing, “I want to be clear. I have nothing against him. I only have issue with the words and definitions being propagated here.”

OK! Magazine now reports that a source told The Hollywood Gossip that the network “was not pleased” with his transphobic comments and “may be looking to axe him and his family from the show.”

“My feeling is that they’ll probably get axed soon because of this Jazz situation,” the source explained. “[Derick] opened up a can of worms that he never, ever, ever should’ve cracked a lid on.”

Observant eyes noticed for the network’s 2017 fall promos released this week that an ad for the upcoming season of Counting On, in which Dillard stars with his wife, Jill and their two children, featured footage of all the young Duggar couples except the Dillards.