Charles Krauthammer, Conservative Commentator and Pulitzer Prize Winner, Dies at 68

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Charles Krauthammer, Conservative Commentator and Pulitzer Prize Winner, Dies at 68

Producers Reportedly Casting New Reality Show Featuring 'The Baby Daddy Detective'

Casting directors are looking to fill a new reality drama with a unique twist. According to a report from The Ashley's Reality Round-Up, a yet-unnamed network is seeking women who need help from "The Baby Daddy Detective" — an investigator who will locate the unwitting fathers of children and reunite them with their pregnant past partners, for better or for worse.

According to the casting call, the producers are looking for “women who, through one circumstance of another, cannot contact their former lover or one-night-stand, but desperately want to tell him about the baby.” This includes women seeking their ex-husbands, ex-boyfriends, or former flings, as long as they're the cause of a pregnancy.

The show will apparently focus on men who aren't aware that they've gotten their exes pregnant, rather than those who are knowingly shirking their responsibility. The casting call goes on to say of the central detective, “She’ll track down your M.I.A. Man and help you figure out to deliver your news.”

The Baby Daddy Detective is counting on this distinct brand of drama. The casting call supplies the tag line: “2 Strangers + 1 night = One Unexpected Outcome.”

Doubtless, the show will feature its fair share of positive, heart-warming outcomes as well — reuniting families and bandaging old wounds. However, there's likely to be some hostile encounters as well. In today's day and age, it takes a fair amount of work to make oneself unreachable, especially by a past love interest.

The show has not yet been associated with a particular network. However, rumors suggest that the show will be on the air as early as next fall. To submit your application for The Baby Daddy Detective, contact