WWE Mick Foley Celebrates 100lb Weight Loss With DDP Yoga

Add Mick Foley to the list of former professional wrestlers who have had their lives changed by the teachings of former WCW champion, Diamond Dallas Page. Today on Twitter, Foley tweeted out a picture of his latest accomplishment, a 100lb weight loss!

As seen in the 2015 film, The Resurrection of Jake the Snake, Page has helped former wrestlers like Jake Roberts and Scott Hall drop weight and fight addiction. Page's unique take on yoga his single handedly preserving the lives and legacy of some of wrestling's greatest heroes.

In June, Foley posted a message about hitting 270 and discussed how hard it is for wrestlers to maintain their physical fitness once they step out of the ring.

With the exception of 2 brief flirtations below 300 - when I got down to 272 for my 2004 #Backlash match with Randy Orton, and in 2009, when I ever so briefly got into the 290's to wrestle Sting, I have spent all of my time since 2000 WELL north of 300 lbs. Without the incentive of big matches to train for, I just did not seem to have any incentive to train at all. So I didn't. As much as I loved my days as commissioner of WWE in 2000, without those big matches to train for, my weight took off in a hurry - hitting 335 by September, 2000.

I wish I would have realized many, many years ago that my incentive didn't need to be big matches. Being able to play outside with my kids should have been the incentive. Taking some of the pressure off my bad knees, hips and back should have been the incentive. Increasing my quality of life should have been the incentive.

Six months ago, it was a high-school friend, Avril - who I hadn't seen or heard from in 32 years who told me she could get me moving - if I was willing to put in the work. So I have been putting in the work - utilizing what Avril taught me on land and water - and doing my DDPYoga . As a matter of fact, I am going to do some of that yoga...oops, I mean DDP Yoga right now! After all these years, I'm making progress instead of excuses.

And if I can make progress...so can you!

DDP Yoga isn't only helping former wrestlers, as Chris Jericho and AJ Styles have both professed that their current runs in the WWE wouldn't be possible without the help of the master of the diamond cutter. You can see their testimonials and learn more about DDP Yoga here.



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