Big Cass Gives Timeline for His WWE Return

Just as Big Cass' career looked like it was ready for take-off, he tore his ACL during a match with former tag-team partner, Enzo Amore. The August injury and surgery that followed was estimated to cost Big Cass 9 months. However, thanks to Cass himself, we don't have to guess when he'll be back.

In an interview with the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, Cass provided a timeline for his WWE return.

"I'm in way better spirits than I was back in Barclays Center, that's for sure. I'm right on schedule, from what the surgeon said. So, it should be shortly after WrestleMania," he said.

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Cass is clearly a guy that WWE is interesting in developing. With his size and budding charisma, he seems like the archetype Vince McMahon asks for everyone at his bedside.

Even though he'll have missed considerable time, Cass will comeback with unfinished business. There's still plenty of stories left to him and Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore, and with the latter having so much success in the former's absence, Cass being the heel that he is, will have an incentive to alter Enzo's course.

Enzo and Cass could have gone so much further together. They were one of the few teams, or wrestlers for that matter, who were constantly taking creative risks. Say what you want about Enzo Amore, but the guy is one of the best, most fearless, talkers, in WWE.

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The boisterous duo was destined for a loud, colorful reign as Tag Team Champions. Once the New Day left for SmackDown, Enzo and Cass were the only viable tag team left of RAW's roster. However, their imminent run as champions was euthanized the moment the Hardy Boyz exploded onto WrestleMania.Their thunderous victory gave us all goosebumps but the wave of momentary enthusiasm drowned Enzo and Cass on the spot.

When Cass jilted Enzo we all thought that Enzo would wither and die a sad WWE death. But to Amore's credit, he's persevered and has carved out a near permanent niche in WWE.

When Cass comes back, WWE will have an easy program to write.


Here's to a speedy recovery for Cass!

Photo Credit: WWE