WWE's Sheamus Breaks World Record for Naked Snow Angel

For some folks, the best way to ring in 2018 was by making a New Year's resolution or maybe eating a pot of black-eyed peas. However, some maybe used the first day of the year to break world records. But for 3-time WWE Champion Sheamus, he prefers to break his records while in the nude.

To celebrate the new year, or maybe just to be an exhibitionist, Sheamus decided it was time for the Naked Snow Angle world record to fall. Seeing that he was in Toronto and snow was readily available, today was the perfect opportunity for Sheamus to make history. So in 17-degree weather, the Celtic Warrior stripped down and snow-angeled for 40 seconds, thereby shattering the iconic Toxteth O'Grady's former top score of 33 seconds.

Way to go, Sheamus!


Given Sheamus hasn't quit WWE altogether to chase other obscure world records, he'll be at RAW on Monday Night in Miami. 2017 ended on a sour note for Sheamus and his tag team partner, Cesaro. The pair of European Superstars lost their RAW Tag Team Championships the Seth Rollins and his impromptu teammate, Jason Jordan. Once Sheamus is done thawing out, he'll likely be in hot pursuit fo the new Tag Champs.