Former Shield Member Getting New Entrance Music?

For Seth Rollins, the word "rehabilitation" is one that likely makes him nauseous. Not only has The Kingslayer battled not one but two knee injuries, he's currently rehabbing his WWE character.

Ever since WrestleMania season, Rollins has been making a painstaking transition from heel to babyface. Such a naturally dislikeable character like Rollins has had a rough go in trying to portray a morally sound character. To help the cause, WWE has begun tweaking with his entrance music:

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It looks like WWE is trying to give Rollins' new slogan "Burn it Down" an aggressive push. This new bumper sticker comes from Rollins appearing on the cover of WWE's 2k18 video game.

This is a big deal for Rollins. The company he has joined represents some of the most bonafide stars in WWE history. Rollins is regarded as one of the most physically gifted wrestlers WWE employs. The company has given him ample opportunity and for the most part, Rollins has responded well.

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Although he has bounced back well from injury, his time away proved costly as talents like Finn Balor and Braun Stroman may have zoomed past Rollins. However, WWE continues to double down on the Architect of the Shield. At WrestleMania 33, Rollins beat his mentor and top WWE executive Triple H, thus earning his newest nickname, "The Kingslayer."


Rollins landing the 2K cover is WWE hand-picking Rollins yet again. Perhaps this indicates the company's future direction of Rollins and he may be in store for a big run. Great evidence of this lies within Bill Goldberg. Thought to be nothing more than a promotional one-off, Goldberg shocked the world by beating Brock Lesnar in seconds. WWE would ride Goldberg further as he became WWE Universal Champion and headline WrestleMania 33.

Rollins finds himself now entwined in one of WWE's juiciest storylines as he and Dean Ambrose find themselves trying to transcend some nasty emotional scar tissue. All signs point to them being a premier tag team in the near future and likely will be getting a RAW Tag Team Championship opportunity at SummerSlam. The 2/3's Shield reunion could be one of the hottest Angles WWE has produced in a while– especially if Dean Ambrose returns the favor by betraying Rollins.