WWE Fines Roman Reigns $5,000 and He Couldn't Care Less

On RAW, Roman Reigns put a gratuitous beatdown on Samoa Joe that cost him the match via disqualification. However, in the wake of his aggressive actions, Reigns lost something a little more tangible: money.

WWE slapped Reigns with a $5,000 fine following his violent outburst on Monday. While his actions against Samoa Joe were excessive, WWE took the grievance with the fact the Reigns got physical with the match's referee.

Here's the official statement from WWE.com

"Intercontinental Champion Roman Reigns has been fined $5,000 for shoving referee John Cone during his title defense against Samoa Joe on Raw last night, WWE.com can confirm.

The incident occurred after Reigns backed Joe into the corner of the ring and continued to attack him past the official’s count. When Cone attempted to intercede, Reigns shoved him aside to continue his attack. The champion was subsequently disqualified, though he kept his title as a result of champion’s advantage."

While his pockets may be a little lighter, Reigns clearly isn't sweating the fine. In fact, he may be looking at this as an investment.

From here, we can anticipate Joe getting his revenge within the next few episodes of RAW. And because the heel in this equation, he likely won't be getting fined at all.


Roman getting fined, even if it's just storyline, marks another data point in WWE's attempt to keep him an anti-hero. While he may be getting booked like John Cena circa 2010, Reigns is a vastly different character than the bright colors of Cena.

Expect Reigns to keep having brushes with WWE law in the build to WrestleMania.