Roman Reigns Fires Shots at the Bullet Club, Young Bucks, and Finn Balor

By beating The Undertaker and John Cena in the same year, Roman Reigns has officially established that WWE is "his yard." Now that it belongs to him, The Big Dog is laying down the rules of his territory.

Reigns spoke via a WWE conference call with Inside the Ropes and addressed the success of his and Braun Strowman's vicious feud this year. Reigns' answer quickly expanded to a dissertation on what WWE should look like under his regime.

"We don't need guys running around doing 'Too Sweets' and we don't need guys running around acting like they're DX from 15 years ago," said Reigns. "We need guys who are original characters, guys who are them. I need Seth Rollins to be Seth Rollins. I need Kevin Owens to be Kevin Owens. I need Bray Wyatt to be Bray Wyatt," proclaimed Reigns.

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For those needing context, The Bullet Club, a highly popular wrestling faction that spans several promotions across the world, has borrowed the Cliq's "Too Sweet" gesture. As past member of the Bullet Club, WWE Superstars like AJ Styles, Finn Balor, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson have all been using the "Too Sweet" on a regular basis.

"We need original Superstars who have no clue what was done. No disrespect to our history and our past, but we're trying to do something new here. That's the most important thing that we're true to our characters, we're true to our originality and where we're trying to go forward as a product," asserted Reigns.

Reigns would reiterate a point he made in his dueling No Mercy promos with John Cena; he wants to be the first Roman Reigns, not the reincarnation of John Cena.

"That's why it's important for Braun Strowman to be the first Braun Strowman. That's why it was important for me to tell Cena I'm not the next Cena. That's burying me. I'm the first and only Roman Reigns. That's all I can be, that's all I want to be," said Reigns.

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It's hard to argue with Reign's logic. While WWE is certainly guilty of borrowing from other promotion through the years, for Superstars to do it on a personal level cheapens the experience for everyone. By Finn Balor using "Too Sweet" he automatically established himself as someone that isn't Shawn Michaels or Scott Hall. Even though it;s effective it ultimately caps off Balor's potential in WWE.


Balor is just the best example of this in WWE, however, Reign's quotes seem to target those outside of WWE: the Bullet Club, the Young Bucks. This is going to be quite the contentious topic on the internet. But as the king of WWE, Reigns' opinion simply outweighs everyone else's on the planet.