Did Rob Gronkowski Just Tease a Match with WWE's Mojo Rawley?

When Mojo Rawley turned on his former partner, Zack Ryder on SmackDown this week, he effectively ended their relationship. Mojo's violent betrayal, though, has officially made his real-life friend, Rob Gronkowski, all too wary.

Gronkowski issued a warning to Mojo during a promo he cut for Uninterrupted then left the door open with a flexible "Let's see what happens."

Not long ago, at WrestleMania 33, Mojo and Gronk teamed up to give the former the win during the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. After Jinder Mahal tossed a drink on the New England Patriot, Gronk hopped the guardrail and became part of the show. To the chagrin of his coach Bill Belichik, Gronk actually got physical and delivered shoulder block to Mahal. Needless to say, Gronk flashed some natural wrestling chops.

But is there more to come?


While a Gronk vs. Mojo match isn't too hard to imagine, that doesn't make it imminent. For now, Mojo and WE will be precooked by executing his fresh heel turn and crafting a compelling character. Given his size, athletic ability, and rambunctious nature, Mojo may be on track to surprise some of the WWE Universe.

However, WWE loves cross-pollinating culture and will only be able to resist Gronk vs. Mojo for so long...