Paul Heyman May Leave WWE After WrestleMania

There’s growing sentiment that Brock Lesnar will jump from WWE to UFC the instant WrestleMania 34 shuts off its cameras. But what does that mean for Paul Heyman?

Well on Thursday evening, Heyman dressed that very question his New Orleans event “The Advocate of Extreme: An Evening With Paul Heyman.”

“Brock Lesnar’s contract ends this Sunday night,” Heyman said “If he leaves, I leave with him. It doesn’t mean that something may not come up in the future that would entice me to come back and do something. I don’t see anybody on the male roster that I would have the same chemistry with, put together the same body of work with, have the same impact and do what I’ve done with Brock since 2002. It just doesn’t exist.”

Given the Paul Heyman has spent the entirety of his life behind wrestling’s curtain, its hard to know how genuine he’s being. However, we’ll admit, the ida of him leaving WWE feels a little weird at the moment, but if he stays true to his condition he’ll be gone after Sunday.

In an interview with Fox Sports, UFC President Dana White gave an definitive answer on Lesnar’s future:

"Yeah, Brock Lesnar's coming back. I don't know when but yes he is."

That's pretty straight-forward. Does it spoil the result of this Sunday's likely WrestleMania event? Not exactly. Anyone that has been watching professional wrestling for any period of time can decipher that there is no way Roman Reigns walks out of the Superdome without the WWE Universal Championship in his clutches.

Even for the most ardent Reigns haters, they would have to admit that Roman carrying the belt instead of Brock is what is best for business. It has been a struggle over the last year to have RAW without a world champion nearly every single week, and the brand could really benefit by having the belt on a full timer versus somebody who is virtually never around.

Lesnar last competed for the UFC at UFC 200 in July 2016. He defeated Mark Hunt in that fight, which was unique as Brock was under WWE contract but given permission to work the show. The company might have ended up regretting it, though, as Lesnar's victory was taken away after the fact due to a failed drug test.


If Lesnar announced his intentions of returning to the UFC, he will still need to serve a six month suspension that stems from that failed drug test before he can fight again. So at the earliest, even if Brock were to sign with UFC right after WrestleMania, you won't be seeing him fight until the fall.

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