You Won't Believe What John Cena Got Nikki Bella for Their 5 Year Anniversary

Last week, John Cena and Nikki Bella recently celebrated five years of being WWE's top power couple (aside from Vince and Linda McMahon of course).

For their big milestone, Cena gave his fiancé something extra special - a nice card.

Oh, and a new house in San Diego.

Nikki was coy about her new present during a Teen Choice Awards red carpet interview with Extra TV. After getting into some wedding details, Bella bashfully admitted to her awesome anniversary present, and even playfully defended the monstrous purchase, "So a new house in San Diego. It's because he's so big! So, you know, you need a bigger space."

The WWE star is set to tie the knot with fellow wrestler John Cena, and Bella revealed during the Mattel panel at San Diego Comic-Con last month that she has set a date for her nuptials.

"We actually finally set a date but I'm not gonna say," she said. "Boo, I know. Such a heel. Always in my heart."

Along with her wedding, Bella also dished on her return to the WWE ring, which isn't quite as nailed down as she's waiting on her neck to heal.

"I want to get back, so... I'm just kind of hoping my neck heals and I hope it heals quick. We found out it's not fully fused and I kind of have a herniation above where I had surgery but I think with time could heal hopefully, so I'm trying to do whatever I can," she added.

We haven't seen Bella in the WWE since her and Cena's in-ring marriage proposal at this year's Wrestlemania 33. While Cena made his return from hiatus, Bella has yet to do so. Thankfully, the reality star posts frequent updates to her and sister Brie's official YouTube channel.

There's no denying that Bella is one of the biggest stars in wrestling today. She has mainstream appeal and is often positioned in one of the top spots on almost any wrestling show she appears on. This year's proposal made waves worldwide, and WWE may just want to capitalize on the momentum with a big wedding segment next year.


While Nikki may not have a match at SummerSlam this Sunday, it sounds like she will at least be in attendance. In fact, she made a threat to Cena's opponent, Baron Corbin:

Will we see Nikki climb the guardrail to slap Corbin across the face? We'll have to wait and see.