Details on Daniel Bryan's WWE Contract

Last week in an interview with NBC Sports, Daniel Bryan claimed to be "working on" a return to in-ring action. What that actually means is a still a little abstract, but more information is coming to light.

According to Dave Meltzer & Wrestling Observer Radio (via, Daniel Bryan's WWE contract expires sometime next year. Meltzer would expand upon Bryan's comeback on his podcast:

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"I don't think it's 100%. It wasn't 100% as of a couple months ago. He had some tests done in April, and I don't know how the tests went, maybe that encouraged him, based on that. But, from what I gather…we know he wants to wrestle, the question is when that day comes, when the contract is up, which is a little over a year from now, where's he gonna be? How's he gonna feel?"

There's plenty of questions that simply cannot be answered as of today. However, it seems that with every new bit of info the picture is becoming clearer: Daniel Bryan is planning on coming back.

However, it likely will not be in a WWE ring. Before his tearful retirement, there were stories that Bryan felt he could still compete. WWE though, was reluctant to grant him that wish and their doctors refused to clear Bryan. As to why WWE stopped Bryan's return is a different story. There are narratives out there that claim WWE, amidst multiple concussion lawsuits, simply cannot afford bad PR on the subject. Bryan's career ending injury is concussion related, so do your own math.

Regardless, this is a story that seems to be growing by the week. Perhaps Bryan is finally healthy enough to return to a WWE ring. If not, expect him to pursue a tour of the independent circuits or Japan. The best takeaway is that Daniel Bryan is feeling better, and any fact after that is secondary. Stay tuned, folks.


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