Mojo Rawley May Have Just Cut the Promo of the Year on Zack Ryder

Even though Mojo Rawley and Zack Ryder's shattered partnership was relegated to a pre-show grudge match, that doesn't mean it's not worth watching. In fact, if Mojo Rawley keeps firing missiles like he did Thursday night, these two may have WrestleMania potential.

In order to pump his Clash of Champions match with Ryder, Mojo cut a promo a from his phone. Usually, Twitter monologues like this make wrestlers look all too human, but in Mojo's case, he orated an impromptu masterpiece.

While this isn't Steve Austin's '96 King of the Ring promo, it still represents a similar honesty. While we'll never know if Ryder was skipping out on training sessions, it's believable, and that's what matters.

Here's his transcribed soliloquy, in case you'd like to memorize it:

"You already know where I am. The same place I am every single off-day, the WWE Performance Center. But the question is, where are you, Zack Ryder? Where have you been the past two-and-a-half years? Where have you been recently when we were losing - Every. Single. Match. - and I was begging you to come train with me? Practice in these rings, as a team. Practice in that weight room, as a team. Watch film study on our opponents and study together, as a team. Where the hell were you?

Nah. You were too busy. Going to Disney World. Playing with your toys, building your little toy collection up. You were too busy doing abs and biceps at LA Fitness. Well, LA Fitness ain't gonna get it done against me! Remember one thing! You called me out! You challenged me!

So you better find a killer instinct, and you better find it fast. Or else on Sunday, it's gonna be lights out. Not only on your night, but on your whole damn excuse of a career."


[H/T Cagesideseats]