The Miz Sent Back to SmackDown in Superstar Shake-Up Surprise

The first three months of 2018 could not have been better for The Miz. He and Maryse had their first child, he regained the Intercontinental Championship, and never had to defend it. However. April has been a doozy.

On top of losing his Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania 34, The Miz just got shipped to SmackDown—without the Miztourage.

Kurt Angle flexed his authoritative muscles and cut off a Miz TV segment to announce the Miz was headed back to Tuesday nights, but he'll be going alone. And it sounds like a feud with Daniel Bryan is already in the works.

As we mentioned, WWE may already be angling for Miz vs. Daniel Bryan. And if they aren't, Bryan already is.

To be frank, The Miz has been so good in recent years that he seemed better fit for a turn with the Universal Championship than a return to SmackDown. However, by sending such an exceptional talent to Tuesday nights, WWE looks to be making an effort to even the playing field.

While SmackDown has had some truly awesome moments in its history, RAW has always been WWE's "A-Show." But now that the Miz will join Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Charlotte Flair, the Blue Brand now has comparable firepower to its Monday night counterpoint.

So does this mean The Miz and Daniel Bryan will start a program tomorrow night? Eh, maybe.


That's a WrestleMania level feud that WWE may want to let simmer. Even more, Bryan may still need a few months to get his sea legs back after being away from the game for three years.

However, given the massive amount of talent between them, we'd be foolish to underestimate their potential If WWE chooses to set them against one another.