Jason Jordan and Seth Rollins Become Christmas Day Champions

Seth Rollins regaining his RAW Tag Team Championship was a top many WWE fans' Christmas list, however, him sharing the glory with Jason Jordan is something no one wanted.

In light of Dean Ambrose's prolonged absence, Seth Rollins needed a new tag team partner. With Kurt Angle as his father as RAW General Mangar, Jason Jordan had the necessary means to replace the Lunatic Fringe. Even more, Jordan and Rollins were booked to face The Bar on RAW, and as fate would have it, Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan are now RAW Tag Team Champions.

This is a fascinating turn of events as it seemed Rollins was set to be finished tag teaming as Ambrose is out and Reigns is occupied. However, WWE employed one of their most versatile performers in Jordan, and even better, he's incredibly hated.

WWE wasted no time in establishing that Rollins was not excited by his new partner, but it's unclear how long WWE will let that run. chances are, Rollins grows sick of Jordan and it will lead to a one-on-one feud, possibly at WrestleMania. Yet, the wild card in all of this is Kurt Angle.

The WWE Hall of Famer has already drawn the line on Jordan's entitlement but has undeniably shown preference to him as well. Originally, it looked like father and son were penciled in for a WrestleMania match, but things aren't as clear as they were. Angle will be an integral part of Rollins and Jordan's relationship.


For now, we'll have to keep a keen eye on Jordan and Rollins. Their relationship will likely unravel by the week and Rollins realizes that Jordan is not and never was a cool dude. Their upcoming tensions should be a lot of fun.