Undertaker Fans Have Had Enough of That Insanely Long Entrance

The Undertaker made quick work on Friday at the Greatest Royal Rumble, defeating Rusev in a casket match.

But while "The Phenom" remains one of the most popular wrestlers in WWE history, fans are starting to grow weary of the 53-year-old's slow, methodical matches and his trademark slow entrance, which clocked in at over three minutes at the King Abdullah International Stadium.

Many fans voiced their weariness of Undertaker on Twitter after his match.

"Love seeing Undertaker, but I think I've had enough of the 5-10 minute long entrance," Jason Shubnell tweeted.

"It is so disappointing to see WWE bury Rusev... Unless this match with The Undertaker is the final nail in the coffin... Before they Push him to the moon," Jordan Roca tweeted.

"Undertaker almost falling over because he was punching too fast is a perfect example of why I no longer enjoy watching his matches," Cristian Ramirez wrote.

"It's a shame that watching The Undertaker is no longer something I enjoy, more like something I can't wait to be over, leave the old man alone WWE, he deserves a real retirement!" Aidan Duncombe tweeted.

"Yeah true. Undertaker still looks visibly tired whereas Goldberg, other than sweating a boat load looked the same as he always did," Chris Bradish wrote.

"It looks like it hurts The Undertaker to even walk," Christian Jacobs pointed out.

"The Deadman's" victory was just one of many major moments to take place in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Some of the results included John Cena pinning Triple H after consecutive Attitude Adjustments, Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt winning the Raw Tag Team Championships and every incoming champion successfully retaining their championships with both world championship matches having controversial finishes.


WWE's next major event, Backlash, takes place on May 6 in Newark, New Jersey. Some of the announced matches include another rematch between AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura for the WWE Championship, Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe, Daniel Bryan taking on Big Cass and both Women's Championships being put on the line.