Ember Moon Says She was Bullied for Being a Wrestling Fan

Ember Moon figures to be one of the fastest rising stars of WWE's women's division in 2018.

The former NXT star was brought up from WWE's developmental brand earlier this year and has already become quite popular with the WWE main roster audience. It's not out of the question to expect her to get a run with the women's title down the line.

Moon has been vocal about growing up a wrestling fan, so she is currently living out a dream that millions of people around the globe can relate to. However, during a recent interview with the New York Post, Moon recalled her early life as a fan and noted that it wasn't always easy.

"When I was younger and I was a kid, I was bullied maliciously for being different, for liking video games, for liking wrestling," Moon said. "Just no one wanted to be around that. And so, I became like the reclusive person that kind of hung in the shadows and that became me, like I was kind of, for years, afraid to be me and ashamed of being me because so many people disliked me."

She continued, "And just coming full circle, it's like now everything that people doubted me on or like bullied me for — and that's the word for it — I just kind of proved to be stronger than that. I proved to be better than that. I kept standing up and kept proving that I am not going to follow the group. I am going to follow my own path and it's OK to do that. That's kind of what Ember Moon is. I followed my own path."

WWE has pushed their "Be A Star" anti-bullying campaign for many years, so it's enlightening to see one of their own stars recall going through bullying as a child. Given the success that she has achieved in her life since those days, it's a fair bet that anyone who gave her a hard time years ago is wishing they had been on their good side instead.

Moon took part in the WWE's second-ever women's Money in the Bank match last weekend, which was won by Alexa Bliss. Though Moon was not successful in winning the match, the thrill of participating in such a historic match was likely a win nonetheless.


Though no long-term storyline is apparent in her near future with that recent PPV just wrapping up, it's likely you will see her in a featured program on RAW at some point in the near future.