Jeff Hardy And Dean Ambrose Join Chris Jericho's Podcast

What do wrestlers talk about after a big event? After Monday Night's RAW in Kansas City several weeks back, Dean Ambrose and Jeff Hardy joined Chris Jericho's podcast in a must-hear conversation to discuss the Hardy's WWE return, the making of the Broken gimmick, origin of Mitch the potted plant, crop circles, finding Big Foot and getting tossed onto thumb tacks.

Here are some of the highlights:

-Jericho made everyone in the WWE watch Total Deletion when it first came out.

-Hardy built all the props in the Total Deletion video by hand.

-Hardy again confirmed that everything the Hardys did to create the Total Deletion was funded by the Hardys. He said they created and filmed it and then just handed the tape over to TNA to air on Impact.

-Hardy says "I spent $3,000 building a stupid clay volcano."

-Ambrose asked if Jeff could imagine filming something at home and then handing it over to Vince McMahon to play on Raw.

-Jericho says WWE's attempt to recreate Total Deletion with The New Day and The Wyatts wasn't as good as the Hardys.

-Jericho was furious everyone was more concerned about Mitch the Potted Plant than about Dean Ambrose.

-Hardy says he would likely still be in TNA if Corgan had purchased the company. Jericho believes TNA would have been better off with Corgan in control. Ambrose had no clue Billy Corgan was in TNA.

-Hardy once caught a pass from R-Truth as he jumped into the lake outside of Sadaam Hussein's palace in Iraq.

-Ambrose claims to have seen a UFO. The guys discuss pyramids, crop circles and Darwinism. Ambrose and Jericho send each other photos of Bigfoot any time one pops up on the news.

-Chris Benoit came to Jericho in a dream several days after his death.

-Nero is actually Jeff's middle name and he hopes to use it in the WWE eventually.

-Ambrose had no idea The Hardys were coming back at WrestleMania. Jericho reveals he and Samoa Joe went out to the crowd to hear the crowd's reaction to the Hardy's WWE return.

-Hardy said they knew as soon as their TNA contracts expired they'd be back in the WWE.

-Hardy says that while he gets it, he hated having to come out to his "old ass music."

-Ambrose did not expect to be switched to Raw. He thought he was a SmackDown guy.

-Jericho says Raw and SmackDown are really like working for two different companies.

-Jericho taking the thumb tacks bump during the Ambrose Asylum was the first time he's ever done it.

-Everyone was around the monitor backstage to see Jeff Hardy take on Cesaro on Raw.

-All the guys say Cesaro is the best athlete in the WWE.


The podcast is one of Jericho's most interesting to date and if you stick around long enough, you can hear Jeff Hardy's band, PeroxWhy?Gen's, new single.

You can hear the entire episode here.