Chris Jericho Freestyles a Hilarious Song About 'The List'

Chris Jericho's creation of "The List" has been one of the best gimmicks in recent WWE memory. Every time a WWE Superstar tested Jericho, fans went into a frenzy, practically begging Y2J to scribble their name on his clipboard and shame them for their transgressions against the Gift of Jericho. However, The lore of The List just got an extra layer: it now has a theme song.

Y2J joined The Kicker for a 'Jam Sesh' where he and a couple musicians would freestyle their music. Before breaking into his song about The List, Jericho explained his inspiration.

According to Y2J, everyone in WWE wanted to be on The List. How could we blame them? It was the coolest thing going in WWE for several months. However, Jericho had to deny dozens, maybe hundreds of List suitors. Those moments of rejection inspired this song:

Listen up

I'm talking to you now
You better get the gist
No matter how hard you ask
I'm not putting you on The List

This ain't no
Ain't no test
This ain't no
This ain't no request

You can't ask to be on The List
You stupid idiots

No List!
No List!
No List!
You're the shits!
No List!
No List!
No List!
No List!
My ass you kiss!

Bravo! Hey, the Grammys are just around the corner, how can we help Jericho get the nod for best singer/songwriter?

On second thought, we'd settle for one more run in WWE for Y2J. But even that may be unlikely. At 46 years old, with next to nothing left to accomplish in WWE, Jericho could be done for good. Y2J addressed the question explicitly on a recent appearance on The Other Guys Podcast.

"Will I be back? Maybe, possibly. If I never wrestled again it wouldn't bother me," Jericho said.

Too coy, Jericho, too coy. We'll see what happens but we won't stop hoping for one more match.



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