Watch: Brie Bella Gushes About Her Daughter Birdie Joe During Adorable One-Month Update

Brie Bella is celebrating her first month into motherhood with her baby girl Birdie Joe Danielson! The Total Divas star marked the milestone occasion with a sweet photo of her holding her daughter.

Can't believe my little bird is one month old✨

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"Can't believe my little bird is one month old," the 33-year-old mama wrote on Instagram.

The WWE superstar also shared an adorable video update on her life as a first-time mom on her YouTube channel, which you can watch below.

"It's crazy because as I look at her, I think of how lucky I am to have a really calm, easy baby," Bella gushed. "Even though I will say in the last week she's gotten a little more fussy. Like, when she wants something, she lets you know, where before it was kind of like she really didn't. It's crazy how it's kind of changed almost, like her personality is stronger."

The proud mama continued, "It's cute because now she'll give me these eyebrows and this really strong look if she wants something or if she's not satisfied, but I've been lucky for how calm she is."

Bella looked happier than ever when discussing Birdie's progress over the last month.

"She's been so good to me," she confessed. "She pees a lot, which I know is so good with her hydration, poops a lot, so I've been lucky with all that. But it's just crazy. We go day by day and today it's 107 [degrees], so we're stuck in our house again. Birdie, they really don't want her going out yet. I'm like dying to take her out, but I guess just another day in Casa de Danielson."

She also revealed the biggest surprise of being a mom and it involves the effects of breastfeeding.

"People say you lose your hair breastfeeding. I really haven't, except I've lost my eyelashes!" Bella said. "Look at how short they are! Since I've been breastfeeding, it's like my eyelashes are going. It's so bizarre. I used to have long eyelashes and the last three weeks they're going, so a couple more weeks I might have no eyelashes."

The mother-daughter duo are just too cute!


Watch the full YouTube video below.