Big Cass' Personal Friend Disputes Firing Rumor

Big Cass was released by the WWE on Tuesday, and different reports regarding the firing have been spreading ever since.

On Saturday a new report popped up via, which stated that Cass confronted ex-girlfriend Carmella backstage before Tuesday's episode of SmackDown Live, asking for reconciliation in an attempt to amend their relationship. Carmella attempted to walk away, Cass allegedly grabbed her by the arm and the incident was quickly broken up by The Usos and Erick Rowan. The incident, according to the site, was the final straw in WWE's decision to terminate Cass' contract.

Robbie Fox, a reporter for Barstool Sports and close friend of Cass outside of wrestling, took to Twitter on Sunday and denied any altercation ever happening between Cass and Carmella.

"I've been pretty silent about Big Cass' release from the WWE because he's a good friend of mine and it's just an unfortunate situation all around that I've felt really bad about, but this report that it's because of an 'altercation with Carmella" is complete and utter bullshit," Fox wrote at the start of a string of tweets.

"There never was an altercation with Carmella, or Vic Joseph, or the Usos, or ANYONE, and it f—ing sucks to see Cass getting dragged through the mud because of a report from one of the most notoriously inaccurate 'journalists' in modern pro wrestling history," he continued. "It's disappointing that none of the names involved in the report have come forward to dispel the rumor like I figured they would, but hey, I guess if it doesn't make THEM look good it's not worth it, right?"

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Vince McMahon called for a meeting for Tuesday's episode of SmackDown Live, where the decision was made to release the 7-footer. Sports Illustrated reported shortly after the firing that the choice was made for a number of personal conduct reasons, including a few displays of drunkeness during a recent European tour.


One incident, according to Pro Wrestling Sheet, had Cass allegedly breaking the door on a tour bus bathroom when he believed he had been locked inside as a rib.

Cass' last match with the company took place at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view on June 17, where he tapped out to Daniel Bryan's heel hook.