Becky Lynch's Return Date Announced

SmackDown will be getting one of its most popular Superstars back once we turn our calendars to 2018. And her New Years resolution will be simple: revenge.

According to PWInsider, Becky Lynch will return in early January and reportedly has creative plans awaiting her. The details of her comeback story are unknown but we can guess they'll involve the Riott Squad.

We haven't seen Becky since the November 21st episode of SmackDown where the Riott Squad repeatedly slammed a door on her internal organs - needles to say, the Irish Lass Kicker needed some time to heal. In reality, she was filming The Marine 6 along the Miz and Shawn Michaels, but regardless of the reasons for her absence, she's set to make her return.

Becky's last moment of significance was her 1-on-1 match with James Ellsworth. The Chinless Wonder's comeuppance was long overdue as Becky had been awaiting her catharsis since Ellsworth's infamous Money in the Bank win. But now that Ellsworth is officially history in WWE, Becky Lynch will need a new body to disarm.

Protecting WWE's direction for Lynch is a little tough to do at this point. There always the chance that she joins up with Charlotte, Bayley, and Sasha Banks to take on Ronda Rousey and the 4 Horsewomen of MMA at WrestleMania, but considering how fluid Rousey's situation is, we can't count on that. Instead look for Becky to target one of the Riott Squad members upon her arrival back to Tuesday nights.