Becky Lynch Really Wants a Cage Match With James Ellsworth

In a recent interview with Amarillo Globe-News, Becky Lynch shared her thoughts on topics ranging from the possibility of a Women's Royal Rumble to just how much she wants a match with James Ellsworth after he cost her the victory at the Money in the Bank Women's Ladder Match.

While the WWE still doesn't do intergender wrestling in the New/PG-era, if there was ever a time to book such a match this would be the time. With Ellsworth generating unprecedented levels of heel heat in trolling fans and the SmackDownLive WWE Women's Division alike, everyone's hungry to see the chin-less heel get his comeuppance.

When the topic came up in her interview with the local paper, the Irish Lass-Kicker responded as such:

Are you eventually going to break Ellsworth's arm?
"You know I am. I can't wait to get my hands on him. I'm hoping for Summerslam. I'm hoping to fight him there in a cage match or something."

The build-up to such a match has slowly been playing out for months under our noses, both on SmackDown Live and across social media.

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Knowing how delicately the WWE handles matters these days, it's probably not going to happen... but if that's the case, they've done a hell of a job building this feud up for nothing. Let us finally see Ellsworth go full Andy Kaufman, and Becky Lynch go full Mick Foley (whom she references in the interview). Besides, If it was a steel cage match, we should worry more for Ellsworth's safety than Lynch. #Duh.