Update on Jeff Hardy's Recovery From Shoulder Surgery

Last year, Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy shocked the wrestling world by making their WWE returns at WrestleMania just hours after appearing at an independent show. Will they make the WrestleMania card this year?

Matt Hardy seems to be almost assured a spot on the biggest show of the year, but the question has revolved around his brother Jeff and if he would be able to return from injury in time for the show. Jeff suffered a torn rotator cuff back in October and the surgery he received typically comes with a 4-6 month recovery time.

An update was posted on PWInsider this week that notes Hardy was in Birmingham, Alabama on Tuesday to get his shoulder examined. He appears to be on pace for a typical return, which means he will be back this spring. However, his status for WrestleMania 34 remains up in the air. For his part, Hardy has told fans that he will indeed be back before WrestleMania in New Orleans.

Hardy did recently appear with brother Matt during the RAW 25 anniversary show back in January. When Jeff does make his full time return, it's anticipated that he will assume the "Brother Nero" role that was so popular prior to the Hardy's return to WWE. It's hoped that in teaming with his brother "Woken Matt," the "Woken Universe" story will receive a boost in momentum. If you've watched RAW of late, you know that Matt is struggling in reviving the character under WWE's banner and garnering the kind of attention the character received while he was with Impact Wrestling.

Hardy has made no secret about how frustrated he has been to have been sidelined for the last several months.


“It’s depressing,” Hardy told WWE.com. “More than any time in a career, it’s those times that make you go, ‘Wow, I love professional wrestling.’ It sucks that I can’t be involved in [a] match or can’t get in there and do what I normally do because I’m injured, but I just have to get over that, stop worrying about it and look forward and push myself to get repaired and healed and come back better than ever with a brand-new shoulder."

Expect Hardy and his new character to make a return at some point in March.