Will 'Game of Thrones' Kill Cersei Lannister on Mother's Day?

It seems like one of the rival queens in Game of Thrones will fall on Sunday's episode, and many fans think it is no coincidence that it falls on Mother's Day.

Warning! Spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 8 lie ahead!

The Seven Kingdoms are about to clash again over the Iron Throne, and the top two contenders are women. More than that, both are mothers, and their motherhood has defined their character arcs in many ways. For that reason, some fans think it was meticulously planned that this episode should air on Mother's Day.

First up is Cersei Baratheon — or, Cersei Lannister, as she has been better known throughout the show. Cersei became queen reluctantly through a political marriage to Robert Baratheon. As much as she hated him, Cersei has clung to the power she got from the union. She served as Queen Regent for most of the series alongside her sons, losing them both as well as her daughter, Myrcella.

Cersei is a ruthless character, but her children are the only things she has ever seemed to really care about. Even they are a bit of a reflection of her narcissism, but that does not make her feelings for them any less real. After losing all three children, Cersei was able to seize control as queen in earnest.

Cersei now claims that she is pregnant again, though many fans have their doubts. She told Jaime that the baby was his, although that could have been an attempt to secure his loyalty. Last episode, she told Euron the same. While months have presumably passed, Cersei is still not showing, so it could be that the whole pregnancy is fake. Even if that's the case, it is an impressive example of a woman leveraging the value she holds in a medieval society.

Against Cersei stands Daenerys Targaryen, whose followers literally call her the Mother of Dragons. Dany truly thought of her three dragons as her children, and she has now lost two of them in battle. Over the years, we have seen how Cersei handles enemies who threaten her children, so there's no telling how Daenerys will deal with Cersei now that she has killed Rhaegal.

Meanwhile, many fans are also arguing over which of these two characters better fits the title of "Mad Queen." Daenerys' father was named the Mad King, and many expect her to follow in his footsteps this week, perhaps killing thousands of innocent people to get to Cersei.

However, others point out that Cersei has committed countless atrocities that entitle her to the nickname far more than Daenerys.

So, if Cersei dies on Mother's Day, it may turn out to be the most clever things Game of Thrones has pulled off this season. Still, the heroes would have a lot of obstacles to overcome to make it happen, including an army, dozens of dragon-killing "scorpions" and a mob of innocent townsfolk.


Whatever the case, we will find out soon enough. Game of Thrones airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.