'Warrior': Shannon Lee Reveals Planned Season 3 Cameo If HBO Max Saves Martial Arts Series (Exclusive)

There is no word yet on whether HBO Max will pick up Warrior for a Season 3, but if they do, executive producer Shannon Lee promises big things in store. Lee, the daughter of martial arts legend Bruce Lee, said that she would make a cameo in the third season — if they get to make it — in an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com.

Lee spoke to us about Warrior being added to HBO Max this month after Cinemax stopped making original programming altogether. She helped Justin Lin and other creators develop this show based on an original treatment by her father, and watched it pay homage to his other groundbreaking creations. In our interview, Lee described the intense martial training that the cast and crew underwent, and how it may ultimately get her on-screen as well.

"So, it started out — of course — with just the people who did the majority of the action would be training, training in the martial arts, working on their fight sequences and choreography," she said. "But little by little, it was like everybody in the cast wanted to get in on it, and wanted to work out. And pretty soon, everybody would be in the area where we'd set up for all the training and choreography practice, like, training! And wanting to learn the moves, and everybody would get up and join in. It was pretty special... I know there are shows with a lot of really tight-knit wonderful casts, but this show had that going for it."

Naturally, we asked Lee if she joined in any of these team-building training sessions. Lee learned her father's martial arts style, Jeet Kune Do, from some of her father's personal students. She also studied Taekwodo, Wushu and kickboxing.

"I do have a background in martial arts," she said, laughing. "I was definitely invited. I wasn't able to get on set a ton because we shot in South Africa, but here's the thing — why Season 3 needs to get going is because [stunt coordinator] Brett Chan and I were talking, and we were saying 'okay, well, if we get a third season, we're going to have to get you in a cameo.'"


This is not just a vague plan, either, as Lee revealed how far Season 3 discussions have gone. She said: "The two of us, we'll have to fight each other in Season 2. And I was like 'alright, if we get a Season 3, I'm in.' I have to start training."

Hopefully, Lee will get a chance to fulfill that promise, thanks in part to massive fan outcry for more episodes of Warrior. The show was added to HBO Max in January, and executive producer Justin Lin posted an impassioned plea on social media for fans to get the word out on social media, hoping word-of-mouth advertising might help him persuade HBO Max to revive the series before it loses too much momentum. There is no word from HBO Max just yet, but both seasons of Warrior are streaming now on HBO Max.