Watch Vanna White Compete on Bob Barker's 'The Price Is Right' Years Before 'Wheel of Fortune'

A special 'Price Is Right' moment resurfaced after Bob Barker's death.

The Price is Right fans are looking back at some of the show's classic moments in the wake of Bob Barker's death. One of those moments involves a young Vanna White, who would go on to star on Wheel of Fortune, becoming a game show icon in her own right. Long before the world knew White for changing the letters on the popular game show, she was once a contestant on the price-guessing program. 

In the clip dated June 20, 1980, Barker — who died on Saturday at age 99 — relays a joke from the production team about White's shirt. She laughs along with a big smile. Unfortunately, White doesn't do too well on the show. She stays a contestant for what seems to be the entire episode without making it onto the stage because she continuously bids too high.

Though her experience on the Barker-led game show didn't yield the most profitable of results, the star would still eventually go on to become one of the biggest household names by landing a spot on one of the most popular Daytime game shows Wheel of Fortune two years later.

White would mourn Barker after his passing, writing on Instagram, "Thank you Bob for introducing me to the game show world! We will miss you."