'This Is Us' Twist: Jack Pearson Has a Brother

(Warning: This article contains spoilers for This Is Us)

This Is Us fans have prepared for a season of giant twists regarding Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia), particularly when it comes to the tragedy of his death. While the twist in tonight's episode was one of Jack's biggest reveals of the season so far, it wasn't actually about the night he died.

At the very end of the newest episode, This Is Us revealed that Jack had a brother!

The episode, aptly titled "Brothers," was focused on the relationship between Kevin and Randall, as well as Jack's connection to his father. Jack's dad, who we have known to be terrible, was dying around the time the Big 3 were in middle school. Jack elected not to go see his dad on his death bed, but to continue his camping trip with his sons.

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In a past timeline, Jack is a young boy, and he's going on a fishing trip with his father. On the way to their destination, Jack's dad stops at a roadside bar to have a few drinks, leaving Jack in the car. All you really see from that storyline is young Jack waiting for his dad to come back. However, at the very end of the episode, you realize that Jack isn't alone.

As Jack sits in the front seat, playing with the worms that will be used for bait, another young boy sits up in the back seat. It's clear that the kid has been asleep the whole time. He asks Jack where they were and where their dad was. Noticing the boy's worry, Jack replied, "Don't worry, Nicky. I'm not going anywhere."

As the episode came to a close, grown-up Jack got out of bed and went into an old closet to look for something. He dug through some envelopes, pulled out a group of photos from his time in Vietnam, and stopped at one picture of a group. Beside Jack, a man is kneeling, and he has thick glasses similar to the ones that Nicky was wearing as a child. The camera zooms in on the man, and the last name "Pearson" is written on his uniform.

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To this point, Jack has never mentioned anything about a brother, and the Big 3 haven't talked about any kind of uncle. Jack has also been very tight-lipped about what he says regarding his time in Vietnam. Could his refusal to bring up the subject have something to do with losing his brother in the war?


Hopefully, along with Jack's death, we'll learn more about this new revelation as the season goes on.

This Is Us airs on Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.