'The View' Hosts Speak out About Sean Hannity Slamming Armed Protesters, and It's Not What You Would Expect

The latest topic at The View's discussion table was Fox News commentator Sean Hannity’s message to armed Michigan protestors demonstrating against the coronavirus lockdowns. During Tuesday morning’s segment, the ladies rallied their support around Hannity's remarks, in which he criticized armed protestors and said they were not helping their cause.

In a rare moment, co-host Joy Behar praised Hannity, stating that "things are really bad when even Sean Hannity is out there telling these crazy people to stop," according to The Wrap. Behar added that there has been "radio silence" from "the right" other than Hannity’s Monday night comments. Agreeing with his comments, Whoopi Goldberg pointed out that it is "very weird" for Behar to back Hannity, as she typically wouldn’t agree with his viewpoints.

The discussion came just hours after Hannity, who has voiced his support for anti-shutdown protests, implored viewers not to continue protesting with firearms. Speaking to frequent guest Dan Bongino on Monday evening Hannity warned that a "show of force is dangerous" and puts "our police at risk."

"I'm the number one supporter [on] radio and television, that I know of, [of the] First Amendment and the Second Amendment. Now, no one is a bigger defendant of the Second Amendment than yours truly. Everyone has the right to protest, protect themselves and try to get the country open," Hannity said, according to Fox News. "This, with the militia look here, and these long guns, uh... no. Show of force is dangerous. That puts our police at risk. And by the way, your message will never be heard, whoever you people are. No one should be attempting to intimidate officials with a show of force, and God forbid, something happens. Then they're going to go after all of us law-abiding Second Amendment people."


As several states begin to ease stay-at-home orders, several more have chosen to extend them. Last week, as lawmakers debated Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's request to extend Michigan's stay-at-home order, hundreds of protesters, some armed, gathered inside the state capitol. Whitmer later slammed the protesters, stating that they were depicted "some of the worst racism" and "awful parts" of the United States' history.

"There were swastikas and Confederate flags and nooses and people with assault rifles," she said, according to The Guardian. "That's a small group of people when you think that this is a state of almost 10 million people, the vast majority of whom are doing the right thing."