'The Royals' Actor William Moseley Uncertain of Show's Future With EP's Sexual Assault Scandal

William Moseley shared his concerns about the future of The Royals this weekend. The 30-year-old actor, who plays one of the starring roles in the show as the fictional Prince Liam, didn't rule out cancellation as a possibility for the E! drama.

"I hope our show continues, but I don't know what's going to happen," Moseley told a TMZ reporter when they caught up with him at LAX this weekend. When asked if he had any updates, Moseley admitted he didn't have much in the way of insider knowledge.

"I haven't heard anything, you probably know more than I do, I find everything out on the Internet like everybody else," he said, laughing.

E! has suspended The Royals showrunner Mark Schwahn while they investigate allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct on set. Originally, Schwahn was suspended over accusations made by his former employees on One Tree Hill over on The CW. Since then, more of Schwahn's victims have come forward, including Alexandra Park, who plays Princess Eleanor on the British royalty drama.

Moseley is hurting for his castmates, and he's taking the situation very seriously.

"I feel sad about it all, you know? It's a huge abuse of trust," he said. "I love my cast members, I love my show, and I just hope... I hope that it's all rectified properly."

Moseley is sad that his friends and co-workers have had such a devastating experience, and he's sad that the future of their show is in jeopardy, but he's not making any excuses for Schwahn.


"This kind of thing can't happen," he told reporters unequivocally.

The Royals season 4 has already wrapped production. Schwahn remains suspended from any work on season 5, though it remains unclear whether the show will go on into another season or not.