‘The Nanny’ Star Fran Drescher Returning With New NBC Sitcom

The Nanny is back! Kind of. Only this time, Fran Drescher won't be returning as The Nanny per se, but she will be playing the role of a caregiver.

Drescher is making her return to television as a main character on the NBC pilot Uninsured. According to Variety, she'll be joining Adam Pally, Abby Elliot, Jessy Hodges and Amer Chadha-Patel in the multi-cam new series.

The show highlights young parents Dave [Pally] and Rebecca [Elliot] who end up in a relatable situation — they find themselves having to take care of Dave's parents after having mishandled their finances. Now, they're in need of help paying down a large amount of debt.

Drescher will play the role of Linda, who is the mother and grandmother who adores her kids and grandkids. If you were a fan of The Nanny, you'll find relief if knowing that her character is from Brooklyn, so it's a pretty safe bet she'll be bringing back a similar personality.

Uninsured was created by The Goldbergs writer/co-executive producer Dan Levy, executive producer Doug Robinson and Sony Pictures TV.

According to Deadline, the new multi-cam series was originally written and pitched as a single-camera. NBC requested the multi-cam, so the script and format will be reconfigured to conform to that.

This new series is filled with veterans. Drescher has years of experience with a multi-camera comedy after co-creating and starring in the CBS hit sitcom The Nanny, which aired a successful 145 episodes throughout six seasons.

From that, the actress was nominated for two Emmy Awards and two Golden Globes. Her success didn't stop there though, because she also starred and co-created Happily Divorced. She also dipped her hands in the film Hotel Transylvania and Broad City. She also published three books and even graced the stage of Broadway in 2014 performing in Cinderella. Drescher alone brings more than a handful of experience to the table.

There for a minute, fans were excited about a potential Nanny revival after Drescher announced it may be a possiblity.

"People really love that show," she said.

"We're talking about it. Peter and I are talking about it," she continued, referring to ex-husband and collaborator, Peter Marc Jacobs, who originally co-created the sitcom with her. "We're working on a very big project. It's going to be very exciting for the fans,but I'm not at liberty to announce it yet. But it's gonna be big."

She mentioned if there were a revival, she would touch on more social issues — similar to what Uninsured is doing.

"She would've maybe gotten involved in more things [that] Fran Drescher is involved with," the actress admitted. "All kinds of things from environmental issues, to health, to civil liberties, that's what I think Fran would be doing now — opening her big Queens mouth for a greater good."


Drescher isn't the only one with experience who's on board. Levy previously wrote and produced for The Awesomes, and Robinson is now the executive producer for The Goldbergs' spinoff series, Schooled.

NBC is also showing interest in two other pilots, Saving Kenan — starring Kenan Thompson — and Like Magic. Sony TV is also has a pilot in store from a new drama called Lincoln, which is based on the book series Bone Collector.