'The Masked Dancer': Rob Lowe Pokes Fun at Paula Abdul and Emilio Estevez's Relationship

The Masked Dancer guest judge Rob Lowe threw some light-hearted jabs at co-panelist Paula Abdul in the latest episode. Lowe made a joke referencing Abdul's past relationship with Emilio Estevez on the show. After the Hammerhead Shark performed to the Weeknd's 'Blinding Lights,' Abdul began questioning the man, hoping to guess the figure's real identity. "You look depressed; did you get married recently?" she asked, predicting that the dancer In the shark suit was actually Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino of Jersey Shore. "You were depressed because you were in jail." Lowe made a quick comment in response, "As I'm thinking 'depressed, marriage,' I think it could be Emilio Estevez."

Abdul and Estevez jumped into their relationship in the '90s while Abdul was also involved with another '90s heartthrob John Stamos. The two went on to get engaged after dating for a brief six months and wed in a private ceremony at a Santa Monica courthouse in 1992. The marriage was short-lived, and Abdul filed for divorce almost two years later. "It's with tremendous reluctance and great sadness that I've taken this action," Abdul said in a statement. "I have great affection and both personal and professional respect for Emilio. I know that we'll continue to be supportive of each other."

The performer who actually wound up being eliminated was Cricket after he was unmasked and revealed to be Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter Brian McKnight. McKnight spoke with Entertainment Tonight about his experience on the show and the feeling of being unmasked. The [real] win is just being on the show," McKnight, 51, said. "But in that moment, your competitiveness says, 'I just lost and now everybody's gonna know who I am.'" While I'm dancing, nobody knows, but the moment I take this off, now everyone's gonna be, 'Oh man, look at that loser.'"


McKnight admitted that he was actually opposed to being on the show out of fear that he would be easily recognized but said his wife convinced him to sign up. "My wife was like, 'You should try this. Get out of your comfort zone. Do something a little different,'" McKnight recalled. "And her wish is my command." He added, "She was there at every rehearsal. When I was getting frustrated, you know, she held my hand. I've never had anybody look out for me the way my wife does and I'm gonna continue to do everything she says. Period."