'The Good Place' Creator Swears No Big Twist in Season 2 Finale

The Good Place season finale is upon us and if it's anything like the season one ender, it'll be a game-changer.

The after-life comedy shocked audiences at the end of its first season when it revealed that the central characters were not in heaven at all, but the complete opposite.

With the show already renewed for a third season, viewers were ready for the upcoming finale to bring forth a mind-blowing finale reveal that will once again turn the beloved NBC comedy on its head.

To ease viewers' minds who have been theorizing about what will happen next, The Good Place creator Mike Schur told Entertainment Weekly that Thursday's finale will aim to thrill viewers in a different way.

"If you just keep yanking the rug out from everybody, and going, 'Everything you thought is now this totally different thing!,' then I, as a viewer, would start to go, 'Well, why should I believe anything you say?' " Schur said.

"All you're doing is watching the show and trying to guess the actual reality of what's going on. So, we don't do that. The end of this season is not 'Guess what? We were right the first time — it really is the Good Place!' You could just keep doing that forever, but it's utterly diminishing returns," he continued.

"We tried to remain true to the DNA of the show in that we tried to do things that are interesting and surprising and maybe you didn't see coming, but everything that you have learned about them to this point remains similar. Or actually, really true," Schur added.

Schur does say that the final moments of the finale are not to be missed.

"The very, very last thing that happens in this season is a pretty perfect bookend as it relates to the first thing that happens in the season," Schur said. "It feels like a completed journey in some way. Not completed like the show's over, mind you, it's not a series finale. It makes a lot of sense given what happened at the beginning of the year."

Sounds like the end won't be as shocking as last year's finale, but there are bound to be some OMG moments nonetheless.


The Good Place will air its season finale Thursday at 8:30 p.m. ET on NBC.