'The Daily Show': Will Samantha Bee Return and Replace Trevor Noah?

Trevor Noah's abrupt resignation from The Daily Show is the latest domino to fall in the late-night talk show game, but it may also reveal where another former host is headed. Noah announced he is leaving his show on Thursday, following the news that TBS has canceled Full Frontal with Samantha Bee and the revelation earlier this year that James Corden is leaving The Late Late Show. We can only speculate for now, but it's possible that these hosts could be playing a game of musical chairs.

Noah shocked fans and colleagues alike on Thursday when he announced that he was wrapping up his time as host of The Daily Show. According to a report by Deadline, insiders say that Noah wants to spend more time touring as a stand-up comedian, and working behind the camera as well. Still, considering Corden's announcement earlier this year, some fans on social media have speculated that Noah may be considering a turn on The Late Late Show. Meanwhile, some have also speculated about Bee returning to The Daily Show to replace Noah.

Bee's show Full Frontal was canceled in July thanks to the Warner Bros. Discovery merger. According to a report by Variety, the newly-formed company ordered TBS to make some heavy cuts to its original programming, and Bee's satirical news show was one of its victims. After six years on the air and history on The Daily Show before that, Bee has amassed a strong following of her own, and some fans expect her to find a new venue before long.

If Bee were called back to The Daily Show now it would probably be less surprising than it was when Comedy Central tapped Noah for the job seven years ago. The cable channel often promotes talent from within – Stephen Colbert himself went from a Daily Show correspondent to the host of his own show to the host of The Late Show all in the same company. Bee is one of the most recognizable stars from this ecosystem of talent over the last few years, and after her success with Full Frontal on another network, she would be perceived as a good acquisition for the network.

There's also an outspoken contingent of fans expecting Paramount to select a woman for one of its late-night host replacements. With seats on both The Daily Show and The Late Late Show to fill, Bee would be a perfect candidate for either one. She would lend a sense of continuity and progress at the same time.

So far, there have been no reports or even credible rumors about who will take over The Daily Show or The Late Late Show. It's also not clear when exactly Noah and Corden will end their runs. In the meantime, more and more fans are hearing the idea of Bee taking over on social media and are voicing their support for the idea.