'The Brave' Fall Finale Leaves Fans With Major Cliffhanger

Warning — major spoilers ahead for the fall finale of NBC's The Brave.

After a handful of episodes, The Brave returned to its episode 1 cliffhanger, which saw a return to the beach bombing that took place in the pilot. Capt. Adam Dalton's (Mike Vogel) team plans to kill Fahim Jarif (Bobby Naderi), the man responsible for the bombing, and the team travels to Tehran to attempt to do so. When their initial plan fails, Jaz (Natacha Karam) goes undercover to meet with him, planning to poison his tea and escape the hotel before getting caught.

Unfortunately for Jaz, Jarif sees through her disguise, which forces her to strangle him to death. When she tries to escape, the guards discover Jarif's body, so Jaz tries to jump out a window before a guard tackles her to the ground. To make things worse, DIA Director Patricia Campbell (Anne Heche) had warned the team that if they were captured, the U.S. would deny any knowledge of the situation.

To break down the episode, Entertainment Weekly spoke with Karam to get her take on the shocking finale.

The actress shared that she was excited to return to the beach bombing cliffhanger, explaining that the team was glad to try and get revenge themselves.

"It was a huge ending," she said. "It was so dramatic. The whole reason we did that was to show that there's always infinite danger around the corner and no mission's ever ended once it's ended. I was so glad to see it come back around and that it kind of comes full circle."

Karam added that because the team is so close, the way they react to Jaz being taken "goes a bit crazy."

"I can say that you've seen the team color outside the lines multiple times [for] things that aren't necessarily all that close to home," she explained. "It's just them doing their job and saving lives. So just imagine how much further they're willing to push those boundaries and color outside those lines when it's one of their own."

As for what Jaz is going through as a prisoner, Karam acknowledged that it isn't pretty.

"[It's] pretty horrific," she said. "The experience on her end is going to be pretty horrific. She doesn't have a team. There [are] a lot of unknowns. It's dark. She's not having a good time, let's just say that."


The Brave airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on NBC

Photo Credit: NBC