'The 100' Star Bob Morley Accused of Abusive Behavior

RWBY voice actress Arryn Zech accused her ex-boyfriend, The 100 actor Bob Morley, of abusive behavior in a pair of statements published on Twitter Friday. Morley "emotionally and verbally abused me," Zech wrote, detailing how often Morley allegedly "yelled at" and "berated" her countless times during their relationship. He supposedly "isolated" her from her own family and friends, according to Zech. Morley, who married his 100 co-star Eliza Taylor last year, has not responded to the allegations.

Zach claimed Morely was "furious" after she revealed she is bisexual, telling her she would "obviously never be enough for him, that I'd want to be with women, or that I'd cheat on him." After that, she never spoke about her sexuality again out of fear; it would "just set him off." She also told Morley about being sexually assaulted at a convention. "He got furious at me for 'cheating' on him," she claimed. He allegedly "isolated" her from her family and friends by telling Zech her father was jealous of him. When she met with a friend he did not know while he was out of the country, he constantly texted her, and she "ended the night in tears home alone," she wrote.

According to Zech, Morley threatened to break up with her when she told him about the "harassment I was receiving from his fans online." Morley blocked fans on Twitter himself and did not go to events because he did not like going to them, but Zech faced all the harassment from his fans, she wrote. "My fear of his reaction to anything I did kept me from things I enjoyed," she wrote and felt like their relationship was a competition.

"He called me pathetic often," Zech wrote. "I was gaslit, manipulated, and isolated for three and a half years. I thought that was going to be my life for forever and I'd just had to come to terms with that reality." The relationship came to an end on Valentine's Day 2019 after Zech learned he was having an affair with another woman for at least six months.

Zech said she asked Morely if he really liked the woman he was cheating on her with, but he would deny it. "They both tortured me for months," she claimed. "I once caught them on the cameras we'd had set up to watch our dogs while I was in New Zealand with my mother because he forgot to turn the camera off when they got to our house together."


"It's taken a year and a half of therapy, reconnecting with my friends, my family, and myself to gain the courage to say this and I'm still scared as hell doing so, but I'm tired of being afraid of him and I'm tired of being silent," Zech wrote. "He can't hurt me anymore. I was a victim. Now I'm a survivor."

Zech is best known for voicing Blake Belladonna in the RWBY franchise and also voiced Emily Grey in Red vs. Blue. Morley stars as Bellamy Blake in The CW's The 100. He also starred in the Australian series Neighbours.