'The 100' Kills off Another Major Character

Season 6 of The CW's post-apocalyptic teen drama The 100 has already proven to be a deadly one, and during Tuesday night's all-new episode, "Adjustment Protocol," another beloved original character fell victim to Sanctum and the Primes.

Warning: This story contains major spoilers for The 100 Season 6, Episode 12, "Adjustment Protocol."

As Sanctum teetered on rebellion and our band of heroes united in an effort to save the "good guys," the Primes' efforts to create more hosts to bring back their fallen gods amped up in the latest installment, leading to the death of Abby Griffin (Paige Turco), Clarke's (Eliza Taylor) mother, Skaikru's former Chancellor, and a character who has been there since Season 1.

Working to create more Nightblood in order to buy her people more time, Abby ultimately made the decision to inject herself with Madi' bone marrow after Russell (JR Bourne) made it clear that he was willing to kill a child. Her heroic actions, however, only placed her in danger, while Russell made the decision to use Abby as the unwilling host to resurrect his wife Simone.

Speaking out about her death, showrunner Jason Rothenberg took to Twitter to share a message on Turco's behalf.

While some fans may be counting on a miracle, they shouldn't be holding out hope that Abby will survive this just as Clarke had. While they both had an AI in them during Season 3 thanks to the City of Light, the neural network that protected Clarke's mind from being erased has been completely wipes clean from Abby's, meaning that the character is gone for good.

Adding heartbreak to an already painful season, Abby's death came just three weeks after Marcus Kane (Henry Ian Cusick), her onscreen love interest, was killed off. After being attacked by cannibalistic Eliguis IV prisoner Vinson in Season 5, his fate wasn't looking too great heading into Season 5, and after being resurrected in a new body, he sacrificed himself along with the Nightblood serum in an effort to prevent the cycle of the Primes from continuing.

Earlier this season, Miles Ezekiel "Zeke" Shaw (Jordan Bolger) met an early death. Shaw had been introduced in Season 5 and had become a love interest for Raven Reyes (Lindsey Morgan).


With a single episode left, a season finale already set up to be a major battle with several lives already hanging in the balance, it seems possible that even more characters could fall victim to Sanctum.

The 100 Season 6 finale, "The Blood of Sanctum," airs Tuesday, Aug. 6 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. The series has already been renewed for a seventh season.