'SNL' Won't Be Around 'Much Longer' According to Popular Comedian

Saturday Night Live has survived many changes over its nearly five decades on television, but one popular standup comedian believes the mass cast exodus that happened this past summer could lead to its end. Gabriel Iglesias thinks the show is on its last legs. He also believes he will never get a call from Lorne Michaels to host.

"That show's going to be over in a few weeks, trust me," Iglesias told CinemaBlend while promoting his new Netflix special. "SNL's not going to be around for much longer. And I don't think I'm going to get that call. And I'm not trying to start a, 'Hey let's get Fluffy to host,' because that's more forced than anything. I'm OK with it, I'm going to be alright."

Long before Iglesias was a standup comedian who could sell out theaters and stadiums across the country, he was in sketch comedy. He starred on Nickelodeon's All That alongside Kenan Thompson, who is now the longest-tenured SNL cast member ever. Iglesias, 46, admitted that he did dream of joining SNL as a young comic.

"I did have fun on All That, which is basically the minor leagues for SNL," Iglesias told CinemaBlend. "I did always want to get the opportunity to audition for SNL... I think that would have been something that I would have been into, but now I think that ship has sailed. But it was fun, it was cool to do it. I got other opportunities to do minor sketches here and there, but yeah, I would have been into it."

Iglesias is not the only one who thinks SNL's expiration date might be coming soon. Back in July, Thompson told Charlamagne, tha God that Season 50 would be a "good number to stop at," adding, "That's an incredible package." Thompson was responding to a rumor Michaels himself started when he told CBS Mornings in December 2021 that he is only committed to doing the show through its 50th anniversary. "I have a feeling that would be a really good time to leave," Michaels, who created SNL in 1975, said.

Although Iglesias did not get on SNL, he is doing fine. His latest Netflix special, Gabriel Iglesias: Stadium Fluffy Live from Los Angeles, was filmed at Dodgers Stadium. The historic show was filmed during the Netflix Is A Joke festival in May. The Long Beach native became the first comedian ever to perform a solo show at the home of the Los Angeles Dodgers. The special was released on Tuesday.

SNL Season 48 kicked off on Oct. 1. The next new episode will air on Oct. 29 and features rapper Jack Harlow as host and musical performer. SNL stars Saturdays at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC and is available to stream on Peacock.