'SNL: Pete Davidson Fans Reach out After He May Have Revealed He's Headed to Rehab

Pete Davidson seemed to reveal he was headed to rehab over the holidays during his Saturday Night Live appearance this week. While it is unclear if Davidson was serious or was making a shocking joke, fans are now wishing the best to the comedian. The possible reveal came during his bit on "Weekend Update" where he came out to discuss President Donald Trump's impeachment. However, he instead just talked about his holiday plans and made some jabs at anchor Colin Jost's expense.

"I'm going on a little 'vacation,'" Davidson said on his plans while SNL was on break. "You know, the kind of vacation where like insurance pays for some of it and they take your phone and shoelaces. And you have roommates but it still costs like 100 grand."

This bit implied rehab or another sort of institutionalization. Jost then followed up with some reassuring words to the Set It Up actor.

"I hope you know, Pete, that a lot of people really care about you," Jost said.

"Oh yeah, sure," Davidson dryly replied.

Jost then read a tweet about Davidson in an attempt to cheer him up.

"I don't care if he's crazy, I really love Pete Davidson," the tweet read.

Davidson then returned the favor, reading a tweet about Jost, which just so happened to self-deprecating.

"Colin Jost is so handsome. He looks like he always gets the eight hours of sleep Pete Davidson desperately needs," the message read.

After this went down, viewers flocked to Twitter to send well wishes to Davidson. One of the first was Americana singer-songwriter Jason Isbell.

"If Pete Davidson is actually going to rehab, I salute the dude for talking about it in public. Maybe somebody else will feel a little less ashamed," Isbell wrote. "But you gotta be careful, because the time between when you know you're going to rehab and when you're actually there is like playing in the NFL without pads on."

Other fans also chimed in, wondering if the reveal was true and sending love to the comedian, regardless.

"I don't know if Pete Davidson is genuinely going to rehab but whatever it is #WeLoveYouPete" one fan wrote.

"I love Pete Davidson [so much,] and if he's really going to rehab I hope he gets the help he needs," a second fan wrote.


"Pete Davidson being so open about his mental health/going to rehab this holiday season is really admirable especially considering how many people his age or younger have been dying from overdoses," another wrote.

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