'Shameless' Producer Previews Season 9

Shameless recently aired its eighth season finale and now one the series' producers has shared [...]

Shameless recently aired its eighth season finale and now one the series' producers has shared some previews for season nine.

For those of you who have not caught up to the eighth season, or have not simply not yet watched the recent season finale episode, be warned that there are potential spoilers ahead.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Nancy Pimental dished on the developments at the end of season eight and explained what they have in mind for season nine.

"I don't know if we have an end game as far as, 'Okay, we're only going to do this amount of episodes or this amount of seasons.' We have end game ideas, like a couple little things, for once we know it's the official end," Pinental responded when asked if the producers are "taking it year by year" or if they have "an end game in sight."

"We're a bit more fly by the seat of our pants in letting the stories and characters kind of inform us of where they want to go," Pimental then said. "But we have a thought or two of where we want to go and who we feel like will have some sense of success and some sense of who will stay where they are."

The season eight finale, titled "Sleepwalking," saw many smaller developments in the lives of the Gallagher family, to which Pimental explained, "I don't know if we consciously did that, to be honest with you. I can't remember, but I'm not sure we had finalized the deal for season 9 yet."

"So again, I don't think we were necessarily like, 'Oh, let's not do a big giant thing.' The way we did it just sort of all felt organic," she added.

Pimental was later asked if she thought ahead of time if this season could have been their last.

"No, we were confident. We have such a great fan base, especially now that we're on Netflix," she replied.

"Our fans are so amazing and so loyal and just keep growing bigger and bigger, so we had confidence that we would do it. But you just never know," Pimental continued.

Finally, Pimental was asked if she thinks "the show still has a few years left in it." She confidently replied that she "definitely" thinks that, and added, "If Showtime is still as happy as they seem to continue to be, then yeah, I'm happy to keep going."