Twitter Mocks 'Roseanne' Promo Mocking Dan's Return From the Dead

ABC has dropped a new promo for Roseanne that mocks the fact that Dan died in the series originally, and Twitter cannot take it.

Dan's death on the show was a major plot point and had a huge emotional impact on the entire viewing audience, and now fans are letting the show know about their dissatisfaction with the flippant way it's being handled.

In their tweet with the new promo, the series joked, "When something's gone, it's gone forever."

One fan responded, "Gone? Like Dead? Like Dan Conner is supposed to be??????"

Another fan jokingly lashed, "So they're just going to ignore that Dan died? You're telling me I cried for nothing back in the day?? I don't know how to feel."

One Twitter user quipped, "I think Dan was resurrected by applause, like an enormous version of Tinkerbell in Peter Pan."

Many fans on the social media site are desperate to understand why Dan has been resurrected, as evident by the many tweets pleading, "How is Dan Conner alive?"

Finally, playing off the plot-twist that turned out to reveal Dan's death in the original series, one fan explained their Inception-like theory.


"I still want to know how they bring Dan Conner back to life. My theory is that the final season will turn out to be a dream within a dream that Dan has while in a coma following his heart attack," the fan theorized.

All questions should be answered when the Roseanne revival returns to ABC on Tuesday, March 27, 2018.