'Riverdale' Creator Teases 'Emotional' Season 4, Hints at Luke Perry Tribute

Riverdale creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa recently teased that Season 4 of the series will be "emotional," and also left a hint that there will be a Luke Perry tribute. In a new photo shared to Twitter, a number of Riverdale cast members can be seen hanging out in Archie's back yard. Archie, however, is up on his balcony looking down. On some tables are laying several flannel shirts, which were a staple of Perry's wardrobe as Fred Andrew.

In his caption of the photo, Aguirre-Sacasa revealed that fans expect the new season to tug at their heartstrings.

He also praised the cats for the "beautiful" work they have been doing.

Perry passed away in March, after suffering a fatal stroke. At the time, he had not completed filming on the most recent season of the show, and therefore rewrites had to be done to remove his character.

Following the tragic news, Aguirre-Sacasa spoke to ET about how the cast and crew were handling it. "You know, honestly, we are I think all still in shock and are all still processing and grieving," he explained.

He went on to comment on how Perry's death will be reflected in the show, saying, "We know that we have to address it in some way, but we're giving ourselves a little bit of time and space before we figure out the best way to honor him."

"Luke was, is, and will always be a big part of Riverdale," Aguirre-Sacasa went on to say. "We're kind of a family and when a loss like this happens, you carry it always. It changes and it hopefully becomes a little less painful as time goes by, but you're changed."

"When I was with the crew, I said, 'It will never be the same,' and that's true because Luke was such a part of the show," he continued at the time. "There are still a few more episodes that have Luke in them, so we're glad to share those."


"His spirit -- which was so generous and wise and vivacious -- we hope will infuse every episode, so in my mind, every episode for the rest of time on Riverdale will have a bit of Luke in it," Aguirre-Sacasa also said.

Riverdale will return for Season 4 Wednesday, Oct. 9 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.