Rainn Wilson Teases New AMC Series 'Dark Winds' as 'Absolutely Fantastic' (Exclusive)

The Office star Rainn Wilson has a new AMC series on the way, titled Dark Winds, and the actor says that the new drama-thriller is "absolutely fantastic." While speaking exclusively to PopCulture.com about the new season of Radio Rental, a podcast he narrates and hosts, Wilson also offered some details about the forthcoming AMC show. "Dark Winds comes out in early June and it's a six-part series set on the Navajo reservation from the great Tony Hillerman set of novels, their murder mysteries set in the '70s."

He continued, "It's a great kind of period on the res' kind of stories. Amazing, amazing actors. And it's absolutely fantastic. I'm really happy to be a part of it. I play a more of a supporting role, but a super fun, a super fun character. Who's a Reverend and a used car dealer at the same time and it has the amazing native actor Zahn McClarnon in it. And he's been in so many things, Doctor Sleep and so many other incredible shows. He's a fantastic actor. He's kind of anchoring the show, but there's also a supernatural element to it as well. You know, so it weaves in kind of native mythology into the crime drama. And I think audiences are going to... they're going to love it."

Wilson added of his character in the series, "His name's Devoted Dan... And yeah, it was a super fun to play. Great cast and shot in New Mexico. Used a lot of Navajo actors, a lot of Navajo writers and crew members. And I'm excited for people, it's dropping on AMC and on the AMC streaming service, [AMC+]." Dark Winds is created by Graham Roland as adapted from the Leaphorn & Chee book series by Tony Hillerman. It is currently set to premiere on AMC and AMC+ on June 12. In addition to Wilson and McClarnon, to show also stars Kiowa Gordon, Jessica Matten, and Deanna Allison. Noah Emmerich also stars.

While fans wait patiently for Dark Winds, they can pull up the new episodes of Radio Rental. Speaking about the hit podcast series, Wilson described it as "spine-tingling" and offered some insight into the show's premise. "Radio Rental is essentially true stories of the weird, the macabre, the mystical filled with horror and strange coincidence," he began. "They're like little Twilight Zone episodes, but they actually happened to real people and they draw out these people's stories and they're just fascinating, horrifying, astounding, stupefying, spine-tingling."


Wilson continued. "And I've been really lucky to be a part of it from the beginning, just playing my character, Terry Carnation, who is a late-night paranormal radio disc jockey. And in this circumstance, the owner and host of a video rental store are somewhat lost in the past video rental store. And the stories are basically the VHS tapes that he puts into the machine each episode." Fans can click here to check out Radio Rental, or wherever podcasts are streamed.