'Modern Family': Haley and Dylan's Move-in Day Comes With Big Surprise

Modern Family's Haley and Dylan took a big step in preparation of becoming parents.

The winter premiere saw the parents-to-be getting help moving in together by Claire (Julie Bowen) and Phil (Ty Burrell), who were hesitant about the couple being ready for what is coming.

"Haley's pregnancy is off to a rough start: nausea, moodiness, trouble sleeping... Claire's got it all," Phil tells the camera. "Me? I'm just trying to keep the peace here in hormone town."

Phil forces Claire and Haley to take a cute mother-daughter photo, which serves as the perfect way to show the tension in the house.

"Claire, look at the positive. One of our kids is finally moving out," Phil says.

"After her pregnancy test I've had enough positives," Claire says. Phil tries to remind her about how their love story began in a similar way, though Claire can only focus on her feelings that Dylan (Reid Ewing) and Haley (Sarah Hyland) are just not ready for a baby.

Phil tells her it's too late for concerns, as they already decided to keep the baby, so she has to get on board and be supportive.

The couples then arrive to Haley's new home, a converted garage that seems too small for two people and a baby.

"We got the whole tour without even moving," Claire says before Phil mentions how tiny homes are in right now. After revealing that the house is not exactly up to code, Claire tells Haley that she cannot possibly live in that house. They are interrupted when Dylan tells Haley they are late to their ultrasound appointment.

Claire, Dylan and Haley head to the doctor's appointment, where Haley finds out that she is having twins.

Haley freaks out at first, worrying that she cannot handle two babies, but Claire steps up and tells her everything will be OK.

"You're not alone," Claire says. "As you're about to find out, being a mom is very complicated. Luckily there are these instincts that kick in, especially when your kid's in trouble. So, if you're ever overwhelmed, I'm right over your shoulder on the wings of a hummingbird."


Later, Phil breaks down to Jay (Ed O'Neil) about his concerns about the new place and the new babies, but Jay tells him that it'll be all right. He then gets a text from Claire with the news of the twins as well as the announcement that they will be moving into their house so the family can help out with the babies.

Modern Family airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.