'Modern Family': Haley Comes to Terms With Surprise Baby News

Modern Family finally returned with a new episode, with Haley still reeling from the nerds of her surprise pregnancy.

The ABC comedy series caught up with Haley (Sarah Hyland) and Dylan (Reid Ewing) at a coffee shop discussing their unexpected news, and her complaining that Dylan is not taking the matter seriously.

"Look, this is a beautiful thing. The product of our love... i is the product of our love right?" Dylan says, with Haley assuring him the baby is his.

Dylan tries to propose to her but Haley says no, with him saying "one thing at a time" and going off telling her she has to change her diet.

"How am I going to tell my mom? This is the one thing she told me not to do, and you are the one person she told me not to do it with," Haley says. Dylan remains certain this is good news, but Haley says she needs time to think before she heads to work.

With Claire (Julie Bowen) busy confronting Alex (Ariel Winter) and Gloria (Sofia Vergara) for going shopping together without her, Haley dealt with her work life during the episode as she broke her baby news to her boss, Nicole (Mira Sorvino).

"Uh, look a situation has come up and its very confusing, I'm still trying to process it but I..." Haley says.

"Preggo," Nicole guesses immediately. "Oh God, I knew it... Someone told me that they were trying to poach one of my employees and I am not having it, so what do you need? Title bump, money bump. You are getting a promotion."

Nicole announces to the rest of the office the good news, but Haley is too stunned by the fact she was just offered her dream job to react.

Later that day, Claire arrives home and finds Haley sitting by herself in the living room.

"I'm so glad you and I can talk about anything," Claire says, following her moment with Alex. "What brings you to the floor?"

"Well, it seems I've gone and gotten myself... promoted," Haley says. Claire tells her she's proud of her and that she still has some things to figure out in her life but that's normal at her age.

Haley then asks Claire if she ever regretted having her when she did, as it derailed her career, but she said she didn't after seeing her face for the first time. Claire then revealed that Phil (Ty Burrell) was very similar to Dylan when she first got pregnant, but he stepped up.

Despite the sweet moment, Haley didn't tell her mom what happened. As the episode ends, Haley finds Dylan bonding with a young patient at the hospital where he works.

"How are you doing?" Dylan asks Haley.


"I think I'm OK with it," she says. "I'm scared, but it's less scary knowing I'm going through it with you."

Modern Family airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.