'Mayans M.C.' Kills off 2 Characters During Season Finale

Mayans M.C. featured two significant deaths during its first season finale.

As commissioned by Lincoln Potter (Ray McKinnon) in the previous episode, Angel (Clayton Cardenas) and EZ (JD Pardo) made their way to kill their second cousin, disgraced DEA agent Kevin Jimenez (Maurice Compte) — but a surprise guest led to another casualty.

Before committing the vicious crime, EZ one to his father Felipe (Edward James Olmos) for advice.

"Don't let Potter turn you into a monster," Felipe says, not wanting his son to end up like him.

Later, Felipe calls Kevin to the butcher shop and has a gun hidden to kill him so that his sons don't have to. But before he can do the deed, he chickens out.

Felipe then tries to convince Angel not to kill Kevin, but his son is not hearing his plea. Knowing there's nothing he can do about it, Felipe tells him Kevin's location. EZ gets it from Lincoln, though Angel beats him to the place and he knocks on the door.

"Angel?" A confused Kevin says as he answers the door. Angel then pulls out a handgun and shoves it in Kevin's face and makes him go inside the house. However, Angel is surprised to find Bowen (Curtiss Cook) emerging from a hallway at the house.

EZ then enters the house, gun in hand and engages both of them.

EZ shoots and kills Bowen and Kevin is freaked out and raises his hands in the air. EZ looks him in the eyes and points his pistol at him. But before he shoots, a bullet hits Kevin in the head, killing him instantly.

The camera shifts and shows Angel holding a smoking gun with a blank stare in his eyes. He turns to EZ, and they look at each other in awe of what just happened.

Later, Potter arrives and stands with EZ and Angel seeing their handiwork.

"I wasn't expecting ninja-level work, but this is a little sloppy, boys," Potter says.

Potter then acknowledges that he knew that Cook's character might still be there when they arrived.

"The outcome, though not ideal, is still manageable," Potter says, clearly satisfied with the results of his scheme.


Kevin and Bowen were part of the DEA team who secured EZ's release so he could be a mole in an investigation against the Galindo cartel, when Potter and the U.S. Attorney's office took over the investigation, everything changed. Kevin was fired and was going to leave town to find his family.

Mayans M.C. will return for its second season in 2019 on FX.