'Mayans M.C.' Fans Give Predictions for Tonight's Episode After Prompted by 'Sons of Anarchy' Creator

After a shocking premiere to the second season of Mayans M.C., fans have been clamoring to see what will unfold on Tuesday's episode. Stirring the pot just a bit was the show's creator, Kurt Sutter. He fed into the hype and sent out a tweet that got the conversation revved up. Sutter simply asked his followers: "What are your predictions for what will go down on tonight's episode?" To no surprise, the comments came in hot and heavy with many fan theories running the gamut.

At the end of August, Sutter created quite the stir when he announced on Twitter that he would be passing the torch in Season 3. He later went back to clarify that he would not be fully leaving the show, but that he would be stepping back to take on a lesser role.

"I will be stepping back as showrunner and handing the reins to my partner, Elgin James. I'll still be involved in a producorial capacity," his tweet read. "But I'm really clear that for this show to establish its own mythology, one that I believe can be more potent and relevant than Sons, it has to be guided by a fresh voice. A voice of color, a voice still haunted by the struggle. That voice belongs to Elgin James."


The second season of Mayans M.C. kicked off on Sept. 3 on FX. The first episode went over well with fans after showing quite a graphic murder scene as well as referencing a Sons of Anarchy star.