'Mayans MC' Behind-the-Scenes Photo Shows the Clubhouse

In yet another behind-the-scenes photo of Mayans MC, the upcoming Sons of Anarchy spinoff set to premiere on FX this fall, fans get a glimpse into the motorcycle club's clubhouse.

In the photo, actors Michael Irby and Frankie Loyal, who play Obispo "Bishop" Losa and Hank "El Tranq" Loza, respectively, stand together next to a pool table in the center of the clubhouse surrounded by other cast members lounging in the background.

The photo, shared by the show's official Twitter account, was captioned "Home."

In the lead-up to the show's Sept. 4 series premiere, many behind-the-scenes photos and teaser videos have been released, exciting fans for the next chapter in the Sons of Anarchy adventure. Mayans is set a few years after the end of Sons, and although it doesn't include any core characters from the original drama, it's set in the same realm, just a few hundred miles away on the California-Mexico border.

Loyal told PopCulture.com that while he's set to play "El Tranq," who is a Sergeant in Arms and "peacemaker" of the club, he initially aimed to appear on Sons of Anarchy years ago.

During the Mayans MC panel at San Diego Comic-Con, Loyal revealed that he lost out on a supporting role in SOA.

"I tried to audition for Sons for a co-star (role), and I didn't get it. I was super bummed out," Loyal said. "There was word there might be a spin-off related to the Mayans. This was just talk, and I was just like 'I really wanna do this. I want to work for Kurt Sutter. I want to be part of his vision.'"

Having that goal in mind, Loyal personally approached casting director Wendy O'Brien to catch her attention ahead of casting for Mayans.

"I had an agent who just kept dropping the ball, I fired them," Loyal said. "I literally rode over on a motorcycle to Wendy O'Brien's office, which is kind of a no-no, and I had a thing of flowers and a bottle of wine. I said 'Hi, I heard you might be casting. You're looking for some real bad hombres who can ride and act for this potential show.'"

O'Brien told Loyal that what he heard "could be true" and asked him to leave his contact info, which evolved into an audition, which of course landed Loyal the role.


"I got called in to audition. I just wanted an opportunity to audition," Loyal said. "That was intense. When I got the phone call that I had actually booked the gig, I kind of had to punch myself the whole day 'cause I really didn't believe it happened. Super grateful, like a lot of the guys, to be here."

Mayans MC premieres Sept. 4 at 10 p.m. ET on FX.