Major A&E Show Possibly Replacing Host for Season 2

The A&E show WWE's Most Wanted Treasures is currently filming Season 2 and will likely have a new host. According to Mike Johnson of PW Insider, AJ Francis, who was the host of the first season of WWE's Most Wanted Treasures, is not involved in the second season. He was released by WWE in November but returned to the company last week. Johnson says Lita has been regularly involved in the show and could move into the hosting role. 

Francis, who goes by Top Dolla in WWE, is a member of the faction Hit Row with Ashante "Thee" Adonis (Tehuti Miles) and B-Fab (Briana Brady). Isaiah "Swerve" Scott was the leader of Hit Row but now competes in All Elite Wrestling. When speaking to Sean Ross Sapp of Figthful earlier this year, Francis talked about hosting more seasons of WWE's Most Wanted Treasures since he's under contract with the show. 

"I'm down. I'm 100% down. It's just people all the time tell me that, 'Yeah, the show wouldn't be the same without you," Francis said, per 411 Mania. "You were the thread for all the fans of the show.' I was like, 'Yeah, that was intentional.' The director told me, 'Yo, we're telling this story through you.'"  Francis and the rest of Hit Row is one of the few big decisions made by Triple H who is now head of creative at WWE. When speaking with Busted Open this weekend, Francis talked about how the group made their return to WWE. 

"When [Triple H] got the reins and is like, 'I want to bring my guys back,' we were one of his top priorities to get back because he knew what we could bring to the table," Francis said, per Cageside Seats. "About a week and a half ago, he hit me up and was like, 'How are the rest of the guys?' 'We're good.' None of us wasted time this whole time. We never stopped training and never stopped being ready. He was like, 'How fast can I act and get you guys here?'  

WWE's Most Wanted Treasures takes a look at some of the most iconic memorabilia in WWE history. In each episode, WWE Superstars and legends travel to bid and negotiate to get some of the rarest items in hopes of preserving and sharing the legacy behind the greatest moments in WWE history. WWE's Most Wanted Treasures is part of WWE's original programming on the A&E Network along with WWE Rivals, WWE Smack Talk and Biography: WWE Legends