'Last Man Standing': Mike Baxter's Politics Cause Havoc for Jen's Bake Sale, Vanessa's Political Campaign

This week's Last Man Standing gave Mike Baxter a chance to showcase his politics in a way that illuminated the concept of capitalism for those in his life while also possible creating some trouble for his wife's political ambitions.

Exchange student Jen (Krista Marie Yu) is getting prepared for her school's bake sale and Baxter (Tim Allen) is primed to help. Her presence offers him a chance to share his thoughts on the economics of America and also score a free muffing in the process.

"I'd love one of these muffins," Baxter tells Jen. "You're selling them, right?"

"Oh, right, $4," Jen responds, forcing Baxter to pressure her into upping her price for the sale which lands at $100.

"Yeah, I'm starving, I''m not an idiot," Baxter responds. This prompts Jen to lower the price again to $10, completing the sale and a "money high" according to the elder capitalist.

Now a wrinkle in the plan comes when Baxter suggests she set up her sale outside of his father's old weed shop, Bud's Buds. While it is a great idea on paper, there is an issue in the form of his wife Vanessa's political campaign. The pair are confronted by school principal who brings up the issue and causes quite the conundrum.

This leads to a final chat between Baxter and Jen that points out that while selling outside of the dispensary isn't illegal, it could cause some issues for a political campaign and the optics. Nothing really comes to pass or cause issue, but it is a fine little lesson wrapped up in the half hour.

That said, some fans pointed out that Baxter's concerns over selling the baked goods outside the pot shop ignores the fact that it was his father's shop and their kids are currently running it.


"It was part of the storyline tonight about the principal thinking it might [affect] Tim Allen's wife's character's campaign for state house. Even though already, her son-in-law runs the pot shop. That said, Jen is a young lady and that might not look good considering the legal requirements surrounding marijuana.

Elsewhere we have Jay Leno return as Joe, this time helping Kyle decide where he should enroll in college while also revealing he's a published author and was formerly a teacher. This ends with a humorous scene to close the show between Allen and Leno where Mike Baxter discovers Joe is the author of the book and seeks an autograph.